Featuring magnetic shifters and Hall sensors, the Podium Advanced Paddle Module is the ultimate upgrade for your Fanatec steering wheel. CNC machined aluminium cage and 3 mm-thick carbon fibre paddle plates combine with magnetic shifters and dual analogue paddles to deliver an authentic mechanism at the highest quality. The Podium Advanced Paddle Module is compatible with Fanatec steering wheels such as the ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2018, ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2, and ClubSport Universal Hub for Xbox One.

Add two analogue clutch paddles behind your steering wheel; use them for optimising launch starts, or configure one as a handbrake. You can even drive without pedals using them as accelerator and brake.Contactless Hall sensors with unlimited lifetime mean that your dual analogue paddles will function with precision and consistency. 

The paddles allow for four different modes (on supported steering wheels): F1-style clutch bite point mode, clutch/handbrake mode, brake/throttle mode, and mappable axis mode. Replace the standard shifter module with two inputs on each side, easily accessible for important functions like DRS.


(incl. VAT)

What's included

  • Left and right modules with pre-mounted gold anodised aluminium clutch plates
  • 3 mm thick Carbon shifter plates for large (GT) steering wheels
  • 3 mm thick Carbon shifter plates for small (Formula) steering wheels
  • 4 spacers P1806-10928(for offset plate mounting)
  • 1 Hexagonal key WS2(for plate mounting)
  • 1 Long Hexagonal key WS4(for APM mounting)
  • 4 bolts M5x16-8.8 black(for APM mounting)
  • 4 bolts M3x12-8.8 black(for middle plates with offset)
  • 8 bolts M3x7-8.8 black(for all carbon plates)