The Podium Kill Switch is designed for use with all Podium Series Direct Drive wheel bases. While the Podium Series Direct Drive systems have several integrated safety features, the Podium Kill Switch adds another layer of security, particularly when used in a professional application. Hitting the Emergency Stop button immediately cuts all power to the wheel base. Rotate the cap to enable the stop button again. Fit the Kill Switch in the most convenient position on your rig for easy access to a power button.

The Podium Series Wheel Base power buttons are located at the back of the unit, which can be a challenge to reach with certain rig configurations. The Podium Kill Switch is fitted with a power button that allows the user to turn on and shut down the base with ease. With a two-metre cable and mounting holes on three sides, the Podium Kill Switch has the flexibility to adapt to almost any rig layout. Multiple channels on the underside of the device assist the routing of cables.

Sharing the distinctive design language of the Podium Series wheel bases, the Podium Kill Switch is a smart addition to any rig. Durable plastic housing combines the sharp aesthetics of the Podium Series wheel bases with a robust internal structure.

The high-quality, anodised red aluminium emergency stop button is has an eye-catching surface finish, adding a splash of colour to your rig.


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What's included

  • Podium Kill Switch
  • RJ12 connection cable(2m length)
  • Quick Guide